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Join the world’s best informed commercial mariners

Every issue is packed to the gills with the most informative and entertaining content from industry thought leaders, experts and influencers regarding the products, personalities and politics that directly affect the commercial maritime industry

Information and inspiration for the commercial marine industry

Launched in 1983, Work Boat World quickly became and remains the world's best selling publication serving the global small ship market.


Covering all kinds of commercial and government non-cargo carrying vessels, its monthly issues provide incomparable coverage of news and views pertaining to working vessels of all kinds, shapes and sizes. 

The breadth and depth of its coverage is staggering and its content fascinating. Truly global, Work Boat World covers all the world's most active centres of workboat activity, as well as vast numbers of small, out-of-the-way places where interesting things happen. 

Positioned right at the forefront of the commercial vessel industry, Work Boat World supplies vessel owners, operators and enthusiasts with the most accurate and cutting-edge information regarding the products, personalities and politics that affect their industry.

Boats of less than about 20 metres long represent a diverse cross-section of the market and are often at the forefront of innovation in the maritime world. This sector includes pilot, search and rescue, survey, survival and fireboats, as well as RIBs and compact landing craft.

Offshore World

Maritime Security World

Perhaps the most exciting and biggest work boat sector, offshore oil, gas and renewables operations utilise cutting edge technology for resource extraction, and the world's most complicated and expensive work boats in support.

Join the world’s best informed commercial mariners

Passenger Vessel World

Fishing Boat World

A cornerstone of the West's maritime industry for decades, the passenger vessel sector is experiencing a boom worldwide, as rapidly developing nations demand more capacity and safer operations, and marine tourism becomes increasingly important.

360 degree coverage of the entire commercial maritime industry

With numerous conflict zones emerging around the world, as well as general global security concerns, the maritime security sector is experiencing something of a renaissance, with advanced new craft being delivered every week and exported around the world, from assault craft and patrol boats to the biggest naval vessels.

Small Craft World 

Tug and Salvage World

As shipping demand rarely suffers a downturn for long, the harbour, towage and escort tug sector is a healthy one that avoids much of the boom-bust cycle of many other work boat sectors. As the world's bodies of water get busier, the demand for salvage services rises to meet the inevitable increase in maritime accidents.

While permanently under attack from misguided governments and left-wing activism, the global fishing and aquaculture industries form a critical part of the world's food supply and are a showcase for advanced vessel, equipment and technique developments.

Neil Baird

Featuring the world’s most respected maritime columnists 

This anonymous commentator is our insider in the world of offshore oil and gas operations. With decades in the business and a raft of contacts, this is the go-to column for the behind-the-scenes wheelings and dealings of the volatile offshore market

Heironymous Bosch

Michael Grey

Co-founder and former Editor-in-Chief of Baird Maritime and Work Boat World magazine, Neil has travelled the length and breadth of this planet in over 40 years in the business. He knows the global work boat industry better than anyone.

Maritime industry legend, and former long-term editor of Lloyds List, Michael Grey kicks off each issue with topical issues affecting the maritime world at large.

Get direct access to the world’s most respected maritime columnists when you join Work Boat World

Join the world’s best informed commercial mariners 

Alan is a master mariner with extensive seagoing and shore experience, especially in the areas of salvage and towage. He is the former CEO of the renowned Hong Kong Salvage and Towage company. He now runs his own marine consultancy and was Chairman of the International Tugmasters Association.

Our maritime security expert, Trevor was a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, Senior Superintendent with the Hong Kong Marine Police, Assistant Secretary for Security in the British Hong Kong Government Security Branch, and Intelligence Analyst in the UK Ministry of Defence.

Experienced geologist and seabed mining entrepreneur, Andrew reviews cutting edge technology from around the world across a wide spectrum of industries, and considers their potential applications in the work boat world.

Trevor Hollingsbee

Alan Loynd

Andrew Baird

For each issue, we scour all four corners of the globe for the cream-of-the-crop of the world's newbuild output, from the major shipbuilding hubs to small operations in every hidden corner of every maritime nation.


Our in-depth reviews cover all the important aspects of design, build and functionality, giving you the reader all the information you need, whether as a potential buyer, equipment or service provider, or commercial vessel enthusiast.

In-depth reviews of the latest and greatest commercial vessels


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